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Is Chronic Discomfort or Stress Controlling Your Life? If so you are invited to attend a mini workshop guaranteed to help you feel better.

Judy Hansen is a Spiritual Life Coach who empowers others to make the necessary changes to bring greater clarity and love into their lives. Her work centers on finding and identifying chronic discomfort and reoccurring stress in areas in the body that block calmness, being present and heart centered. She works with each client to release these blocks, helping the person to heal with dramatic speed. The results are immediate and long lasting. 

Judy explains her work this way:

“I collaborate with women to identify and dissolve their blocks. Using an integrated release technique, The R.E.A.L. ™ Four Step Process (Release, Experience, Align and Let Go!) enables us to bring the stress or discomfort to the surface and dissolve it immediately. Clients are then able to experience an increase in energy, productivity and a deeper connection to their souls. They can transform their lives, experiencing peace and emotional balance.”