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Universal Readings:

Judy is a universal medium and shares her intuitive insights with others. She provides spiritual readings by using the following: sight, sound and sensations in order to communicate with a loved one on the other side, angel messengers and spirit guides as well as spirit animals. Often times she sees the past, present and future of a person’s life in relation to what they are wanting or needing.

During the reading she often times will see the age that a person was if they experienced possible trauma which caused a reaction from the event, thereby creating an energy block. These blocks influence our daily lives. She sees what and where emotions are stored in the body.

If her clients have any spiritual tools that are dormant she can assist in activating these energetic fields through Spiritual DNA blueprint.

Overall, during readings she gathers information by communicating with a person’s energy fields and accessing any combination of their: aura, (emotional, mental, physical, etheric, and/or causal (true soul) bodies), chakras, belief systems, rays of light, spirit guides, angels, loved ones, animals, physical imbalances, DNA strain in relations to emotional energy mutations, sacred geometry (gifts to be installed), attached energy (it’s not your energy), emotional heart scars and/or open energetic wounds.

Sessions are scheduled by the hour.