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Personal Coaching Sessions

with Judy E. Hansen
It’s my soul’s purpose to help others. It is my goal to help people heal and live their dreams. One way I approach this is by offering personal coaching sessions. These can be done individually or in group sessions. Some people prefer the undivided attention of a customized individual coaching session. Others feel they learn more when they can hear about other people’s experiences as it pertains to learning something new.

Individual or One on One Coaching dives deep into the matters of the spirit, mind and body so you can shift and heal at God Speed. Usually during one on one coaching transformation happens swiftly. I am there to illuminate your journey. I use a combination of techniques from the angelic realm and with shamanic energies. I provide intuitive readings and offer coaching tools that can be used throughout daily life to provide professional healing. The foundation is always God centered and it is my goal to be the conduit for your higher self/Holy Spirit.

Group Coaching is usually around a specific program that is being offered. The price per person is reduced in a group coaching platform. These sessions can be done in group settings in person, online, or through phone conferencing. Another advantage of group coaching is that the group calls are recorded and if you can’t make it live you can go back and listen to them at your leisure.

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