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Do you remember being a child – four to seven years old – and living life without limitations?

Your imagination was fully engaged in magic; there was nothing that you could not do. Life was living in the moment.

I loved watching my children play changing roles and being passionate in their imagination-fueled adventures.

I also experience these insights when I take my mind back to my own childhood.

I often played “school” as a teacher when I was young – a hero determined to make a difference in the world.

I knew even at this early age that my life’s mission was to help and empower people through love.

  • What are your dreams?

  • What is your passion?

  • If you could do anything what would it be?


People do not achieve their dreams for a few reasons, usually because they don’t know how or because of limited thinking, such as:

  1. I can’t because I won’t/don’t know how to make the money I want
  2. I’m unsure of what I want
  3. I don’t see how it’s possible
  4. I’m afraid of showing my passion to the world

It’s important to remember that deep down, most (if not all) of us know what our life’s purpose is, and there is huge untapped potential in those who are unable or unwilling to follow it. These people are often afraid of failure and/or success. Because your subconscious mind makes 95% of your decisions, your internalized beliefs – however hidden – determine whether or not you will achieve the things you want. Lack of self-confidence is like being up at bat and heckling yourself into striking out.


People have many different dreams and aspirations.

Some of these manifest as hobbies or a job.

From the time we are young, quite a few of us know what we want to do in life, but most never have the opportunity to realize those dreams, either because we give up fighting for them or we let logic discount what our soul desires.

As a spiritual life coach, I feel that your dreams could very well be connected to your purpose in life – the higher spiritual reason for your planetary existence.

For example, I have a niece in her 40s that always wanted to be a veterinarian, but settled for being an attorney.

I recently saw a Facebook comment she made regarding her childhood memory of being a vet.

Childhood dreams are usually not forgotten.


Because they are coming from an inner knowing without the logical mind’s interference.

Don’t get me wrong – the logical mind serves an extremely important purpose – but how many passions have you been prevented from following by your logical mind?

Perhaps you didn’t know how to go about pursuing your dream, or how to make a career of it.

I will give you the tools to realize your dreams and put yourself back on your true life’s path.

Your dream is your passion inspired by your spirit.

Dreams usually equate to your spiritual gifts: something that comes naturally to you.

I know that as a Spiritual Life Coach, it never feels like work to me and I never think about it ending.


If you jump on a hamster wheel in your mind by telling yourself that you can’t achieve something your heart is aching to do, then you will be unlikely to flourish in life.

The result is a mid-life crisis, overall lack of fulfillment and even depression.


Free Energy Assessment
50% Complete

Get Started Now On Your Journey - Discover the Energy Blocks That Keep Your From Realizing Your Dreams

Enter your name and email below:

We value your privacy and your information is 100% safe

The Energy Assessment is your Energy Signature, and will give insight into how you are showing up in the world.

It will also reveal the inner challenges you are facing that are playing out through your subconscious mind, which influences your belief system.

By diving deeply into your subconscious, you can discover how easy it is to shift your mentality and change your life for good.

We are born with many spiritual gifts, and sometimes through negative life events we forget and block the wisdom gifted to us. It’s time to MAKE YOUR DREAMS REAL.

Look at your life and be honest with yourself.

  • Are you living with purpose and passion?
  • Or are you in survival mode, living day-to-day and struggling with uncertainty?
  • Do you yearn to achieve something and just don’t know how to make it work?

Perhaps you don’t yet know your life’s purpose and need help finding it.


We are streams of brilliant, iridescent, vibrational light from a thread/seed of the creator. Imagine your light much like a light show of many colors exploding into the cosmos and the softness of your pure love!

What I notice is that we judge ourselves about most things in our lives: our appearance, our financial situation, our weight, our careers & our relationships.

We embrace the perceptions of who we think we are from our life experiences and role models.

Again, we just want to feel loved and connected.

I have great news for you!

Everything that you need is within as inspiration and insight to achieve everything you desire by trusting your own intuition.

Your spiritual inheritance is boundless. All things are possible!

This is your birthright as a spiritual being in a human body.

I am here to empower, love & celebrate you!

WHAT IS OUR R.E.A.L. System?

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A Simple 4 Step System

When you partner with me you'll find a new found richness of self worth and bold confidence.  Your new heart centered beliefs will bring you more love, prosperity, and abundance.  Together we'll uncover your core energy blocks that keep you from living your dreams.  Working through my 4-Step REAL System will help you transform your energy.  The 4 Steps of the R.E.A.L System are:

  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Embrace your authentic self
  • Align with your highest purpose
  • Love the life your living

The System is R.E.A.L. and the Process could be your C.U.R.E.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says that 95% of your decisions originate from your subconscious mind. These are things that we do all the time but we do not think about why we do them. Have you ever driven to work or taken a walk without giving much thought in where you are going or how you are getting there? That’s because your subconscious mind is taking you there. Your subconscious mind is not your intelligence nor does it make decisions using the frontal lobe (the intelligence part of the brain). Your subconscious mind is much like a tape recorder and plays out your life of beliefs.

CURE (clear, uncreate , release, and embrace) is a cutting edge process that will eliminate the negative beliefs that plague life and keep you from enjoying a life filled with love and magic. CURE is designed as a tool to support your healing.

As a spiritual life coach and medical intuitive, I see time and time again the emotional ties connected to our health. Over time, the emotional ties known as judgments and karmic energy can contribute to disease. There is usually a connection with a disease being influenced by both spiritual and emotional energy. We cannot separate out body, mind, emotions and spirit in human form.

Science has shown that our thoughts, along with environmental toxins and unhealthy food, can have a contributing factor changing our DNA.

Research states that throughout the day, vulnerabilities to our DNA are showing up as breaks in our DNA strains. Our body is made to repair those breaks and weak areas on a daily basis. However, there are times the DNA does not get repaired and becomes more vulnerable. Over time, mutation of cells can develop into imbalances known as disease.

"Every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself," Gregg Braden. (Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and the real world)

Buddha said every man and woman is an architect of their own healing.

“By changing the signals, you change the function of the cell,” Dr. Bruce Lipton.

The bottom line is that we all hang onto things in our lives that no longer serve a purpose yet continue to take up space.


Through the C.U.R.E. Process (Clear, Uncreate, Release and Empowerment) and the REAL™ System (Release, Embrace, Align and Love) we learn to let go and live a life that we desire.



Working with Judy has been an enlightening experience! She really helped me see things in a different light and I am amazed at the outcomes of our partnership. Working with her has given me an even stronger sense of self and a better grasp of my place in the world. Judy is truly a gifted and caring person. I highly recommend her to others who are interested in a deeper understanding of themselves.

Meredith Meredith
Dublin, Ohio

Judy’s coaching has helped me to gain clarity and inner peace. Judy’s coaching has helped me to gain clarity and inner peace. She does an magnificent job in being able to identify the underlying areas that were holding me back and help me during the most stressful time in my life to have more success. She is a miracle worker. I highly recommend her services.

Becky Becky